I Stayed in Every Hotel at Disney World

Published 2024-05-04

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  • @Swftie_13TS
    Dude i feel like a third wheeler watching this video 💀
  • something about seeing people so in love makes me cry it’s such a cute thing ☹️
  • is it just me or is it so funny that ryan called a mike waski basketball a soccer ball
  • @MeeblesSporella
    How cute will it be for them to watch this in 50 years from now.
  • I watched this with my kids and they kept saying, “Not again!” Every time he got coffee 😂
  • @Bug_does_art
    Baby: SCREEEECH Ryan: "Oh no, a baby just fell"😅
  • @MireilleAntone
    Honestly love that the most "magical" moment at the end of the trip was just them in the car eating burgers and being themselves. If you can find magic in the mundane when you're with someone, then you know you're with the right person.
  • @yungbake2161
    Love how you go into the rooms, set up the camera, walk back out, then walk back in acting like you’ve never seen it😂
  • Me and my brother just met you and took a picture with you it was an amazing feeling meeting one of my favourite YouTuber. my heart rate was at 150 when I saw you😂 All love goes to you and all of you’re videos are amazing. Have a wonderful day Ryan❤
  • You know how humans are made of like 60% water, I think Ryan’s made of 60% coffee.
  • @AllChalked_Up
    I love how happy Ryan is in this video. He's always so sad and unsure when he has to travel away from Haley. I'm glad they got to do this video together and just spend time together ❤️
  • @5Johnson
    I’m a grown ass man, and I just shed a tear. Your relationship is awesome. Absolutely beautiful video Ryan. I can’t wait to take my lady to Disney eventually. We would be satisfied with the hotel alone lol.
  • @shawnwhughes
    17:39 fun fact: art of animation was intended to be the completion of pop century, as if you notice not all of the decades were finished for pop century. However, because of a hurricane during construction, those buildings sat idle as shells for a few years and then reimagined to be what they are now.
  • disclaimer : this video might be an emotional joyride for singles . So, watch at your own risk.
  • Dude this entire video makes me contemplate my life decisions and hate the fact I'm lonely but I'm here for it😭💀
  • @ZacharyZimmer
    God Bless you Ryan! Thank you for bringing light into the world ❤️🙏🙏
  • " we look so facebook here" stopppppp this whole video was so magically romanticcc :face-purple-crying: