Making Cursed Bread Part 1

Published 2022-07-25

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  • imuser666lol x
    Most underrated channel, leaving this comment here for the algorithm
  • King G
  • K_Klaw
    I love how This is a multi-part series but it's not just one video strecthed over 3 or so, it's an actual series 👍 (plus, it's funny)
  • MaroonPie
    Gonna show this to my grandma, she makes bread every week.
    Edit: She laughed, and then went back to kneading dough
  • I am hungry
    You look like that one cool uncle that brings the expensive toys at Christmas
  • The bi guacamole
    First and final day of asking how the hell haven’t you hit 20K yet your amazing
  • Jotaro Kujo
    it’s cursed how this guy doesn’t even knead the dough
  • JJJackson
    "Ew thats yucky" direct clip Johnny razer
  • Jesus Christ
    Viking blood bread: allow me to introduce myself.
  • nubboi21
    we need to get this guy more out there.
  • HaezzE
    Bread out of 10 got me dieing
  • Diamond Skull
    This was definitely one of the breads of all time
  • Khloe
    I proper love his channel and Ik he’s gonna have millions of followers in like 1yr
  • Josh Smith
    “This is how the pros do it”
    Jonny RaZeR