I Can't Believe McDonald's Did It...

Published 2023-11-19
Despite claiming last year that the famous McRib was being discontinued (and that it was on a "farewell tour") guess what's back again for a limited time? My entire worldview has been shattered by this news and the only thing I can do at this point is try it out, and see how good the McRib is this time.


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All Comments (21)
  • @ppr881
    I hope one day Reviewbrah goes international and reviews some fast food franchises abroad.
  • @johnlungo8080
    0:48 the fact you maintained a straight face after saying Mcdonald's isn't known for cheap gimmicks deserves a medal.
  • @j.r4985
    Reviewbrah has probably the most unique accent in the US. Truly like he was plucked out of the olden days with a transatlantic accent. Always fun to listen
  • @lou3932
    “Sure I hated it the last 3 or 4 years… but forget about that” had me laughing so hard. You’re a comedic genius who reviews fast food. Nothing better on the internet ❤
  • @danielsdaydreams
    gotta love his deadpan humor. he can destroy any establishment with his subtle style and kindly packaged criticism
  • @davestier6247
    The fact that reviewbrah says the McRib is better this year gives us all hope in this time of conflict, war, and strife.
  • @ScottyRules33
    I once ordered a McRib and requested extra onions. As soon as I was given my order, I forgot to check to the bag to make sure it was correct. When I got home and opened the wrapping, to my astonishment, the McRib was void of any onions. That was the most traumatizing experience I ever had.
  • @Meb6223
    Reviewbrah doesn’t rush in to a review he is very thoughtful and pensive which is rare in this content genre.
  • @jonnyblaze1629
    McDonald's has proven over the last 3 years that they are shameless. I will not buy McDonald's at its current price. A mcdouble is almost $4 and that burger is not worth more than $2.
  • @adamgh0
    The McRib is like the KISS of sandwiches. It can do all the farewell tours it wants but it'll always be back.
  • @moreknow8904
    I won't be heading out anytime soon to buy Mc-Anything food, but watching his David Attenborough-style reviews is entertaining and informative.🤣
  • @brianlawson3757
    Loved the dry humor in the intro! 😆 As someone who has worked in multiple fast food kitchens, here's why the food is so inconsistent in quality. The franchise wants the store to follow the same procedures for quality assurance, but individual stores often end up cutting corners, usually to save on food waste. If you ever get a dry burger or chicken what's happened is it's been held hot for too long. At McDonald's they have warming trays to hold the cooked product with timers on them, but we were consistently told to just restart the timers instead of discarding the unsold product because of overhead. You have to understand that when a manager tosses a tray of burger patties, that costs corporate nothing. It's the franchise owner that pays for everything themselves while cutting the CEO's a check whether they profit or not. Owning a franchised restaurant sucks unless you own multiple stores. This is why Quizno's went out of business altogether and Subway isn't far behind. So, the crew gets told to keep a certain number of pieces ready for service, but if they don't sell to just reset the timers and hold them over. So, that explains the dry, flavorless meat thing on your bun. Also, as for runny sauce I can confirm that when McRib rolls out, we didn't always get enough sauce to pair with the patties. So, I have seen sauce jugs watered down, shaken, and then used to stretch the product out. The pickles on the other hand have always been floppy and relatively tasteless at McDonald's. Bojangle's, Popeye's, and Chik-fil-A get crisper and tastier pickles from their distributors. But then again, a franchised restaurant doesn't have the authority to order different ingredients at all. So, whatever the suits decide on is what you are forced to serve, whether it sucks or not. Sorry if this was too long, but I worked for a good while in food service so I happen to know a lot of the uglier details of the business from experience both in large and smaller chains.
  • @XxKamariKadenxX
    I really love and appreciate how genuine his reviews feel. There's not 100 different cuts. Its just one take.
  • I love that he doesn’t devour his food, he actually takes his time to taste the food!! Love your content!!
  • @tedhext1756
    My first McRib was in 1981, in Brantford, Ontario, a test area. It was limited time offer, "never to return". I haven't tried this version, but it looks the same, but probably smaller. The onions really stood out, as you found with this version. Thanks.
  • @Fergunator
    How could they lie to ReviewBrah...He puts His life on the line when trying these "new" items for us!
  • @rabiroden
    I'll never forget the time I ordered a "plain" McRib and they didn't put barbecue sauce on it. What a miserable experience that was.
  • @alanboyle9392
    the level of sarcasm disguised in dorkiness is brilliant!
  • @meestaShin
    A few years ago, I ordered a Big Mac combo through drive thru. When I got home and opened the box, I noticed that I couldn't see any of the patties sticking out. I thought "hey, maybe the patties got smaller", but when I took off the top bun, I saw NO MEAT. WTF MCDONALD'S???!?