Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan & Luke Newton Take On The Ultimate Afternoon Tea Taste Test

Published 2024-05-14
Bridgerton co-stars Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington) and Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton) tackle British Vogue’s ‘Ultimate British Taste Test’ — afternoon tea edition! “I keep saying it, but it’s so romantic… it really got me,” says Coughlan of Penelope Featherington’s convoluted journey to the altar with Colin Bridgerton.

Nicola’s tongue-in-cheek words of warning for her co-star ahead of the premiere? “You’re gonna be the internet’s boyfriend, but you were my fake boyfriend first—don’t forget it!” Watch as Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton sit down for afternoon tea and open up about having “champagne Fridays” in Nicola’s trailer, ordering 40 vegan sausage rolls to the Bridgerton set, and the correct way to pronounce “scone.”

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  • @lesmercredis
    I don’t know what’s hotter — their flirting, or the fact that their chemistry is borne from their friendship.
  • @Kbombakat
    The fact that Nicola just wipes the food off his mouth unprompted 🫠😊
  • @Rachelboi33
    Not Luke going "they're gonna love this" after I already freaked out haha 🤣🤣
  • luke saying, "oh they're gonna love this" hahahaha they know that they're feeding my delusions
  • Nic licking her finger then using the same hand to wipe Luke’s mouth makes me FERALL WTF!!!
  • @glowflower716
    This makes me want them to be together in real life...stopppppp😭😍
  • @cherisee
    Nicola’s wheezing after “creamy cakes” is HILARIOUSS
  • I cannot!! The amount of flirting 💀🥹👀 SOOOO UNHINGEDDDDD
  • @jennaj9671
    They have such a natural chemistry together.
  • @DutchXFangirl
    Nic: "It's a very sexual noise!" Luke: "I'm smelling!" 😂
  • @itsemilylol
    luke’s like nicola can talk and i’ll eat
  • I honestly think Nicola is the one that puts Luke at ease and brings out that wonderful chemistry between them because he seems more reserved.
  • @molly828
    The way I'm gonna be so devastated not getting these moments anymore when it's all over... 😢 LOVE THEM.
  • Yeah, I'm here after 7 mins it was uploaded. Y'all don't know how down bad I am for this show
  • Luke drinking every time he feels embarrassed or says something embarrassing exactly like Colin does when he is with Penelope ✨
  • @alena21
    This is the best and most unhinged video I have ever seen. Their chemistry is soooo GOOD!!!!