Icewear Vezzo ft Kodak Black - Its All On U (Official Video)

Published 2022-08-05

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  • Darrion Eastmon
    This my favorite version of Kodak! No auto tune, straight bars. Like it’s 2016 all over again.🔥🔥
  • Kenna
    Kodak and Vezzo have such complimentary flows and deliveries. They are both great in their own ways too but hearing them work together is always a treat. I think the fanbases are generally really similar too which is nice to see likeminded people collide every time they collab. I hope someday I can gather even a tenth of the amount of fans with the perspectives that theses two fan bases have for my own music. Truly unmatched energy🔥
  • Andre Marable
    If you heard this song and immediately threw it on your pllaylist i pray that in the next 365 you make 250,000. Sometimes you just gotta manifest and put things out in the world. Really be working……. 💪🏾
  • Kodak did his thing on this track! Straight fire, run these views way up.
  • I hope they can do a Mixtape together… proud of Vezzo he in motion with a lot of mainstream artists now. The D deserve this one on God 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Please protect this one 🙏🏾 RIP Blade, Wipeout, Proof ,DBC Roc, Dex Osama and the rest of our fallin soldiers
  • Zach Burton
    Bringin that 2000’s beat back in the best kind of way 🔊
  • destiny
    The collab we didn't expect but needed. 🔥🔥
  • GasPax InDaAir
    1.8 million in 5 days🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾man I love to see Vezzo getting this type of love and respect finally. Been following bro progress for some years now, he been in heavy rotation
  • thug life
    Kodak never disappoints on any feature he on 🐐🔥
  • Unknwn Spirit
    Kodak destroying all feats this year
  • Can we just acknowledge that Kodak completely walked on this beat😮‍💨
  • Icewear Vezzo & Kodak Black never disappoints when making music. To the fan reading this .... May you stay lively and full of optimism throughout this day. Have a nice and happy day at work.
  • John Wick
    Icewear Vezzo has bars like a new York rapper, and swag like a southern rapper. He's really representing the Midwest.