Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions | 2023 Week 11 Game Highlights

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @davewatts6724
    Lions tried like hell to lose, Bears said “not on our watch”. Good game.
  • @tai5618
    I’ve been a Lions fan for many years, but today was my first ever game in Ford. Safe to say it’s a memory I’ll never forget! Also, the broadcast really doesn’t do the crowd justice. It was genuinely deafening in there.
  • @zeedon
    Anyone else who’s played sports knows, there’s nothing harder than getting out of your own head. Goff getting in the absolute gutter with 3 interceptions, and still throwing into traffic to Amon-Ra, still coming back to win it. This game was and absolute rollercoaster. And I appreciate Dan reminding us to wear our diapers.
  • @stimothy9396
    That safety forced by hutchinson was the cherry on top of this game. So good!
  • @saleem8334
    Goff having that clutch of a 4th after the 3 picks is so impressive. What a bounce back he’s on another level
  • @tylerfields4608
    It feels good to be on the other side. Lions would usually lose a game like this, but a key to a good team is finding a way to win. We got the dub 💯
  • @fsk5053
    Resliency is a big part for the Lions. What a comeback win
  • @scottkeen2553
    Props to the lions defense for keeping them out of the end zone so many times. They were on the field twice as much as the offense!
  • @joshuat5140
    Geoff is a great qb. Way better than people give him credit for. Glad to see him and the lions do well. They deserve it.
  • @jacobrohr9658
    Goff is such a beast, dude throws 3 picks should of been 4 and bounces back and wins his team the game. Rooting they go far
  • @George_M_
    That 45 yard throw into the endzone was perfect. People need to give Goff more respect.
  • @JarvisCosric885
    Perfect ending to a beautiful comeback by these Lions. GO LIONS 🦁
  • @Epoch11
    It's nice to see Detroit winning as a Bears fan who has seen many terrible Lions teams, especially when the Great Barry Sanders was playing. Someone who I think is the greatest running back do you ever have played. I sincerely wish the Lions luck in the postseason.
  • @samd7601
    My grandmother was an insane football fan, and a lions fan through and through. Could have coached if she wanted to. She passed before this new era but i know shes looking down with joy❤
  • @smashville2897
    For goff to throw 3 interceptions and still comeback and win just shows how good he and this team are
  • Not a Lions fan, but from what I've seen last season and so far this one, I didn't give up thinking they could still win even when they needed 2 TDs with just a few minutes on the clock. What they learn from performances like this can be called upon later in the playoffs.
  • @shellzdabest80
    Detroit crowd is the best!! We’ve waited so long ❤