The Simple Secret of Runway Digits

Published 2022-08-07
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  • CGP Grey
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  • Syy
    Grey has finally reached Phase 3 of his Cinematic Universe, where every video is constantly crossing over and cameoing with each other, and it is incredible.
  • Wesley Turner
    "In the land of quantum, words mean nothing, there is only math." This is the best description of quantum mechanics I have ever heard and gels well with my motto of "The less you think about quantum, the more sense it makes"
  • Stephen J
    I feel like I just listened to a 17 minute long poem. The alliteration, cadence, and careful word choice was beautiful.
  • Me at the start: "How can it take 17 minutes to explain runway numbers?"
    Me after 17 minutes: "TELL ME MORE!!!"
  • Grey Cinematic Universe (GCU)
    0:13 - Small tumbleweeds ("The Trouble with Tumbles" video)
    0:17 - Bonnie Bee Airlines employee ("Boarding Groups Explained" video)
    0:23 - "-Oh, hello 'again'." signifying that they met before ("The Tale of Tiffany" duology - "Someone dead ruined my life, again" video)
    1:18 - The Universe ("Hexagon is the Bestagon" video)
    3:40 - The Big Book of the Laws of the Universe ("Boarding Groups Explained" video)
    4:00 - The Captain and the Quartermaster ("How to be a Pirate" duology)
    6:01 - Glitchs (Tekoi Trilogy - "CGP Grey was wrong" video)
    6:42 - Leading "0" in our hearts ("American Highway System" video)
    6:54 - Social Security Card ("Social Security Cards are Insecure" video)
    8:30 - Room forming with Hexagons ("Hexagons are the Bestagons" video)
    8:31 - Algorithm Bot ("How Machines Learn" video)
    10:19 - "The Troubles" in a airballon ("No Flag Northern Ireland" + "Brexit, Briefly REVISED" videos)
    11:40 - Book marked with a stamp ("TOP SNEAKY STAMP" video)
    11:49 - Kurzgesagt posters ("You are two" Collab)
    12:07 - Zoom into the Quantum Realm ("Metric Paper" video)
  • Seth Smith
    As a physicist, I appreciate you including so much physics in your "non-physics" video.
  • Tom Lum
    Me: "Why does this runway have the number 8 on it?"
    CGP Grey: "Iron atoms are quantumly magnetic"
  • Cameron Austin
    As a flight instructor I really appreciate this video. I’ll be sending it to many early phase students. Thank you.
  • colesrk
    As a private pilot it's a joy to see runways explained in such a fun, lighthearted way.
  • Katt Mazi
    As a surveyor, I wasn’t expecting this much surveying to be involved with airport runways
  • "Lift physics is something people really like arguing about" truth more truthful was never said
  • Brian Sigler
    I love when Grey has videos about him going off on tangents to random strangers, that person is looking for an escape. As if in reality, any one of us lucky enough to be in that situation would be hanging on his every word
  • Daniel Jensen
    Regarding the leading zero: It should definitely be there, for clarity. If you hear "ZERO SIX" you KNOW without a doubt that it's runway 6. If you only hear "SIX" you COULD have missed a leading "TWO", so there's a potential that you think it's runway 6, when it's actually runway 26. If you expect two digits at all times, it may avoid confusion. Under this system, receiving only one digit should cause you, as a pilot, to verify the missing leading digit. Omitting the leading zero causes you to happily accept a faulty one digit runway number.
  • There are two types of people in this world,
    those who would love to be stuck next to Grey on an airplane flight
    and those who would dread it with all of their mortal existence
  • bssni touir
    "In the world of Quantum, words mean nothing." Is the most accurate colloquial take on quantum theory possible.
  • Daniel Olejnik
    It's fun to watch stuff you have to learn in college, like basic/advance electromagnetism, gravity field and it's different shapes across the globe explained in a simplified, easy accessible way for everyone. I'm proud of myself that I know this things, and I'm happy to see you teaching others about it. Thank you for educating!
  • The Biscuit Guy
    I love how he managed to put easter eggs from almost every single one of his past videos into this video
  • I love everything about this: the way the script flows and alliterates and sort-of-rhymes; the way it ties into so many of Grey's other running gags; the way Grey's personality presents itself as the worst person ever to sit next to on an airplane; the ingenious move to place videos inside each other, Inception-style; and above all how well it demonstrates that no matter how hard you try to explain everything about a thing there are always more things to explain.

    This isn't Grey's most important video (that would probably have to be one of the more serious topics like Humans Need Not Apply, Rules for Rulers, or Spaceship You), but it might possibly be the best.
  • Mark Rober
    The coriolis effect sneaking back was a twist I was not prepared for