Spawning in Witherstorm in Minecraft Survival was a BIG mistake...

Published 2022-08-07
We played the Witherstorm Mod in Minecraft Survival.



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I Survived The Witherstorm in Minecraft

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  • LadyGravity129
    The Wither Storm was one of the coolest aspects of Minecraft: Story Mode. That and the armors the player character gets.
  • vibha
    robert: op wise man
    sean: worrying and anxious
    kim: chaotic and confused dude
  • Austin Hartford
    even while fighting one of the biggest bosses he's ever fought at 32:33 classic Sean in almost every video lolololol "Hey how's it goin" to a random animal XD never gets old.
  • Need more of this. The more Sean gets freaked out by a game, the funnier it gets. And props to Kim for living unarmoured for a good part of the episode. Kim, at the next meeting say peanut butter!
  • Lumière
    The memories are flowing back. The Order of the Stone, BoomTown, Reuben, Glowing Flint and Steel, Eversource, White Pumpkin and so much more
  • Jarl
    You know things are serious when Sean doesn’t even finish the “my mans, how’s it going”
  • sanddry
    I’m so glad to see this mod everywhere. I saw a mod review on it and was shocked how DETAILED it is! Imagine a survival world challenge with this. I figure the nether is your best shot
  • SuperNova
    heres a tip: correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure spamming the water bucket or holding down the water bucket is a bad idea as you might place it then pick up the water before you land the best way to clutch is to just time it well and click once
  • Amayawolf
    Robert is basically the one keeping this team together with how calm and rational he is, meanwhile Sean panics (but does his best to also be helpful) and Kim makes it harder for them with his antics and getting lost
  • hellium balloons
    Honestly, I think Minecraft story mode felt realistic. Of course the characters looked wimpy to us because we judge them as players with the respawn button, but to them, going to the nether or doing pretty regular Minecraft things would mean running the risk of genuinely losing their lives permanently. Now, let's be honest, how many of us would face a floating, fire ball spitting, screaming ghost looking creature irl?
  • SpaceMonkeyBoi
    I love how the Wither Storm had all those villagers to kill, and still went for the 3 of you.
  • Jake Magness
    I recently revisited both Telltale games, after seeing this mod, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see how well they recreated this.
  • Diskney Cabrera
    Not time to goof around. This was the real thing. Planning, co-working, Kim dying a lot, everyone dying a lot. Love it.
  • I may be wrong but im pretty sure when you guys spawned the symbiot it messed up the order of which you do things, cause your not supposed to detonate the F-bomb until it has its big head, which is probably why it didn't split into 3 parts when it woke back up
  • WelcominTV
    Well hes done it again, interested to see what a WITHERSTORM does to a world holy cow.
  • Sean just having a casual conversation with a sheep like there isn’t a wither storm behind him 😂😂
  • RetroWave1736
    Heres a tip, run as fast as possible to a village to only get wheat for bread and one or 2 beds. If the spawning structure is near the ocean, then get a boat and ride it far as possible to survive. You can either prepair in pure survival or you could go in creative to get tools to prepare.
  • josh
    I'm only 11 minutes in and I'm already laughing, from the guy just KNOWING that he was considering dropping him into lava and "I don't know how to beat this puzzle".

    The teleport to the cieling and come down swinging manuever was pretty epic.
  • Louie.
    Please do one of these without giving yourself items beforehand, it would be incredible to see how you survive for 100 days and on the last day kill the witherstorm. or maybe having 5 - 10 people without items and they have to survive the longest.