Bad Movie Idea...

Published 2022-07-21

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  • Earllon Granada
    This guy: bad movie idea

    Also this guy: pitches the GREATEST movie idea of all time
  • Max Caulfield
    If I’m honest, if this was a comedy movie I would so watch this
  • Niklas Neighbor
    His tackles would be extremely devastating because of his mass
  • DogeDogeMan
    Him: "Bad movie idea"
    Also him: "Netflix, I want my pay check in the mail by Monday."
  • lee leavelle
    “You don’t have the speed!”
    “I have the mass”
  • Netflix: “should we do it?”
    Employee: “well we don’t have any better ideas”
    Netflix: “fuck it, send the man his paycheck”
  • COMaC47
    and the name, "The Widest Reciever"
    me: wheezes from laughter
  • Tuscon
    “The widest receiver” I’m dead 💀
  • Unsinkable56
    Him: "Bad Movie Idea"
    Also Him: "Netflix, I Want My Paycheck In The Mail By Monday!"
  • Synthetica
    This is the movie idea of all time
  • MrColz
    This is like a movie that will have 30% rotten tomatoes and 75% audience
  • B G
    Imagine if you come in expecting a comedy and then it's a drama and like you cry all the time like in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
  • Ruckus Huckus
    Widest Reciever, the most highly rated movie. Critics claim it’s the “Absolute Unit” of family friendly content. Coming soon…eventually
  • StrongArm Elijah
    Sounds like one of those early 2000s comedy movies that you watched over and over again back in the day and is just hilarious.
  • Roger Murdock
    Die Hard but in a school. Came up with this on the second day of school while talking about lockdown drills! 🤗
  • Moist Towlettes
    This isn't actually a bad idea, imagine having an ability that does not match with you, what would you do? Will you adapt yourself to be able to use this power? Like imagine if you had the power to shoot lasers from your eyes, but you are blind, it may make for a great concept