Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide - Bridget

Published 2022-08-08
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GUILTY GEAR : the next entry to the series

常に"最先端"を産み出し続ける「ギルティギア」シリーズが贈る最新作『GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-』 洗練されたシステム、極まるアニメーション映像、個性あふれるキャラクターによる、手に汗握るぶつかり合いの連続を体感せよ!









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  • Beenu
    Starting the video by saying "Bridget is a well balanced character" sounds like the perfect thing to not age well
  • Renna
    I love how the attacks all have these fun, cutesy names, then there's RETURN OF THE KILLING MACHINE
  • Jrrj15
    Fairly faithful to the OG moveset actually. Only major change is that Bridget seems to actually have heavy normals now unlike in +R where the HS button is dedicated Yoyo moves. Excited to play later.
  • pseudohippie55
    The announcer's calm voice makes "Return if the Killing Machine" and "Roger, covered in flames" hysterical.
  • PissedGrunty
    Its actually pretty surprising in that so many of the other characters have changed pretty drastically from other versions, but Bridget has changed very little in appearance or play style. Bridget always one of my favorite XX characters to troll people with, not that I was very good at the character.
  • YPhoenix
    I like how Mr. Narrator is perfessionally explain Bridget, meanwhile Bridget on-screen is being Bridget, and Mr. Narrator is dropping fat lines like, "Hug da Rogger, Rock the baby" and "Kickstart my heart". Such an archaic combo...!
  • Crazyhart
    If this is the quality of character we get ill gladly enjoy season 2

    Also that idle animation is gorgeous, straight vibin
  • IIAwfulWaffleII
    I don't know who this Roger lad is but he seems like an absolute legend
  • That actually looks like Bridget's playstyle, I'm impressed, quite a lot is different but the core ideas that define her are still there which is a lot more than what I can say for characters like Baiken and especially Testament, the biggest difference I can think is how she can only throw her yo-yo towards her opponent meaning no more throwing it in the air and running away which allowed for timer scam bullshit against characters like Pot, she just plays keep away with her normals now which is honestly a welcome change, I don't want to chase her in a game with Strive's movement, she looks fun tho and I'll be sure to give her a try
  • ram apologizer
    "Inputting back or forward during the lunge can control the movement speed to an extent" zooms across the entire screen
  • Nooctae
    Bridget has heavy slashes normals. What a time to be alive.
  • V0IDHE4D
    That idle stance. Still schmoovin', all these years later!

    EDIT: Sick of the arguments. All of you, shut the hell up.
  • *Pank
    Daisuke managed to squeeze in a Mötley Crüe reference into Bridget's moveset.
    What a legend.
  • Skyblade 743
    “Bridget is a well balanced character”

    As opposed to ridiculously OP.
  • GreyRush
    I had absolutely no hope of seeing my main ever come back, thank you so so much! I'm so excited to learn their new iteration.
  • RaveDX
    Bridget has the catchiest sounding move names. Kickstart my heart and Return of the Killing Machine are my favorite.
  • Visi IX
    Probably the wrong thing to focus on here, but I love that Bridget retained her idle dance moves similar to what she did in the previous games. Familiar idle animation, and a total outfit glow-up overall. Glad to see she's back!

    (...I'm sweating bullets waiting for Jam to return, on a desperate side note.)

    [Went ahead and edited my post because I only just now got that news flash lmfao whoops let's not go rabid please]
  • Can I just say, I love that her standing animation is still dancing like the XX sprite, I hope it also syncs with her theme song like in the older game does
  • Vinny
    Holy shit they went all out with this character’s move set. This shit does not disappoint. Guess they’re not actually that scared of making more complex characters
  • His Kick Start My Heart move reminds me of Kokonoe’s running dash, where she uses a scooter while eating her lollipop.