Tonight We Dine In HFIL | HFIL Episode 10

Published 2023-11-18
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HFIL Episode 10: Tonight We Dine In HFIL
Dinner party-ing is such sweet sarrow~

Curtis Arnott as Cell, Guru, Guldo
Marc Soskin as Jeice
Nick Lani as Goz, Raditz, Bojack
Stephan Krosecz as Mez
Scott Frerichs as Burter
Martin Billany as Freeza
Devil Artemis as King Cold
Connor McKinley as Cooler

Script by Scott Frerichs, Nick Landis, and Curtis Arnott

Animation by:
Devil Artemis

Additional Art by BrachyZoid
and Citricking

Editing by Scott Frerichs
Music by Cliff Keller & Epidemic Sound

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

All Comments (21)
  • Freeza’s face after learning Cell has killed two Super Saiyans is memeworthy
  • @ShadyDoorags
    Cold babies his youngest while simultaneously believing Freeza can't handle any task given to him. Meanwhile, he puts all the responsibility on his oldest to the point that he's disappointed anytime things don't go perfectly. Typical family dynamic taken to a space-extreme, very enjoyable.
  • @demi-femme4821
    I love the idea that Cell realized he can teleport and then immediately went back to Earth to kill Tien.
  • @SnakeMan448
    The Bojack-Cell dynamic is the Nappa-Vegeta dynamic with the actors reversed.
  • @JayDAshe
    The fact Bojack has his own distinct laughter like a One Piece character is pretty awesome
  • @fizz576
    "Sarcasm isn't lying it's truth some people are too dull to understand" is such a good line.
  • @Johnnybon3z
    Bojack not being able to tell his Earth story is definitely TFS trolling us 😭😭😭
  • @JaeSM97
    Freeza's genuine soft-spoken confusion at dinner at 10AM honestly sent me.
  • @ZedHead415
    You can really tell that Lani is having so much fun voicing Bojack
  • @kishinpain
    Wait.. we're about to see Turles, Slug.. even Bardock??
  • @BGMfan
    Freeza and Cell are gonna be in for a surprise when or if they find out that Bojack has just as potential a kill count as Cell does, and yet he's just so cavalier and jovial about everything despite his ability. I love it.
  • @CatmanWaGozen
    I love how Zarbon managed to make even the HFIL guards uncomfortable
  • "You're dead"
    "And yet, I persist"
    Unironically a cool line. My God, I wish I had as much optimism in life as Bojack has in after-life
  • 3:14 This is Canon to me. I love the idea of Cell freaking out, being relieved that he survived and suddenly picked up I.T. before he even realized, "Oh shit im back to my perfect form!"
  • @larvasupershow
    The fact that Cell knows who Ernest Hemingway is because he has Gohan’s DNA is absolutely priceless
  • 5:00 What's so funny to me is that Cell does belong here. It's even an essential part of his character design. That white underbelly, the purple markings on his face, he is a part of this family.
  • @Trigfire
    Cell having a mental breakdown after almost dying is so well acted holy shit, kudos to Taka
  • @daysand123
    Damn. Frieza was downright destroyed just by learning cell did what he couldnt so casually.
  • “How have you even read Hemingway?”

    The fact that Cell knows who Ernest Hemingway is because he has Gohan’s DNA is absolutely priceless
  • @fatesrequiem
    “WHO SPOILED THE SURPRISE?!” is a quote that is gonna live rent free in my head for years. 😂