meet the grahams

Published 2024-05-03

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  • @karmmy365
    I still can't believe this track is real.
  • Drake: You're raising another man's child. Kendrick: Hold up, lemme raise yours too.
  • @Natasha-ED
  • Telling Sandra to sit down while he dissects her son is just diabolical. Brother, please.
  • @dr_vpamd
    Drake: you have small feet Kendrick: you should die
  • @TheHYDMX
    Kendrick wrote this on the Death Note.
  • @FDT222
    "Fuck a rap battle, this is a long life battle with yourself" might be the coldest line I've ever heard in a song. That shit struck me.
  • That "you lied" part would have me confessing to crimes I didn't commit just so it'd stop
  • @wifeunderthesea
    i'm fully convinced that kendrick wrote meet the grahams with a quill in one hand and a gun in the other.
  • @EmmaPM2
    This might be the greatest diss ever how he broke Drake down
  • These lyrics are so full of love. It's clear to me that Kendrick is in a path of healing. And viceversa, these lyrics are so full of healing (true enables healing). It's clear to me that Kendrick is in a path of love.
  • Getting into a rap battle with a story teller was the first mistake drake made
  • J. Cole is waking up to the fresh smell of ripe apricots and blooming dandelions, listening to the birds chirp in a tranquil forest
  • @_jolio_
    This may go down as one of the if not THE most disrespectful diss track in history. And I'm all for it.
  • @Rosalyn-Wong
    He actually showed Adonis a lot of love. Kendrick is really the boogeyman
  • Drake: “You have small hands” Kendrick: “You sleep with minors”
  • @Ok-tl1dv
    Drake: YOU HAVE SMALL FEET HAHA😝 Kendrick: you run a child trafficking ring
  • @SniperJ
    Kendrick never sacrifices his artistry for the sake of some disses. I keep coming back to this because I genuine like this. It's so eerie and paints a picture but maaan, this is the spirit of rap that had me inspired as a kid. I'm 23 now and I know Drake and Kendrick are going to know me soon. I'm an Indian kid who raps very well. You'd be surprised.
  • @Nurseslack
    That line about the struggle with identity because of his compromised skin hits hard for so many people. Kendrick will have people crying after listening to this deep poetic compilation of words is a stroke of genius. He’s just a gift to the music business even though he threatened to take them on