Published 2024-04-30

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  • @David-kf1vh
    2wks later and I’m still jamming this sh!t
  • @bissy97
    Losing your N-word pass in a battle is wild.
  • @DizzyOdd
    The "crodie" bars feel so sharp. I feel like he's making the comparison, "see, isn't it weirdly insulting when someone uses slang from a culture that has nothing to do with them??? Drake??? Isn't it???"
  • @Rosalyn-Wong
    This diss track is #1 on charts. Stop asking who won😂😂
  • @vikartstuf
    bro got the J Cole apology lookin like a smart business decision💀
  • @EmmaPM2
    That annoyed ass "what is it the braids??" Has me dying at random hours of the day dog lmao like he's really tryna figure out where it all went wrong with Drake why he started talking tough
  • @rue-od5qz
    the way kendrick said he was “predicting drake’s angles”, proceeded to tell us what Drake was about to say and do, and then we witnessed Drake do just that never ceases to amaze me. Either the Drake leak was DEEP AF, this ngga Kendrick a damn psychic, or both.
  • @MarkusNlatus
    "how many black features until you feel black enough" is a diabolical diss.
  • @tsukisukiii
    this shit cleared my skin, improved my health, taught me values, and now I have no enemies.
  • @Mr.Cozy7
    It’s So Clean Because You Can Hear How Much Fun Kendrick Was Having In His Tone Of Voice
  • For anyone wondering, the backwards clip at the beginning of the song is a reversed clip of Richard prior saying “everything they say about me is true”, which is a reference to drake saying that Kendrick isn’t scary like the boogeyman and Kendrick saying “what they say about me is true, I’m the boogeyman”. It is also a double entendre, as that clip of richard prior was said by him in the wizard of oz, in which, Michael Jackson played the scarecrow, which continues Kendrick’s references to Michael Jackson, and also calls drake brainless like the scarecrow
  • @saintcoldboy
    Drake's diss = Playground insults K-dot's diss = Full blown murder
  • they went from begging kendrick to drop to begging kendrick to stop 😂😂😂😂
  • @Natasha-ED
    Even tho “Not Like Us” is breaking all these records…but when it’s all said and done years from now…. Euphoria will go Down as the Better Diss track out of all the diss tracks that was dropped during the battle
  • @MR35_
    Kendrick doesn't need features. His flow switch and voice change is crazy.
  • @FoxtrotStudi0s
    Drake: "Ha youre short" Kendrick: "Your confidence is as manufactured as your lyrics."
  • @NashTenn
    Drake: "You hit bitches." Kendrick: "Come here Boy."
  • @Helios-YT_
    4:30 “I ain’t even bleed him yet! Can I bleed him??? Bet.” That bar gave me the shivers. 🔥🔥
  • the sexy redd line will always get a smile out of me like you can literally hear him holding back a laugh