2024 Mom Prix - Mother's Day Race! WHAT A BATTLE!!!

Published 2024-05-12

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  • @mikeyrfinn
    Them following the pace truck into the kidney bean was hilarious
  • @cutlass8783
    A Mom Prix on Mothers Day and a Dad Prix on Fathers Day might be the greatest idea you've ever had
  • @kadenevey9387
    “I don’t wanna jump to conclusions, but it might be best if you guys fight right now” that has to be one of the best one liners I’ve ver heard😂😂
  • @zekepeters997
    "If ya aint first your last, and if you know you can't win, aim for the highlight reel" - Jackstand Jimmie
  • @b-laz-e
    1:27:30 I love how George is all "I'm not saying their bad drivers, buuut..." Then they IMMEDIATELY follow the pace truck into the kidney bean. I about died. SO GOOD! Love it. Some good, clean racing too.
  • Hey Cleetus, this was an in-house event this year, the only spectators were the dads. Next year plan on having a full-on event, at least Friday and Saturday. this video is #32 on trending on YouTube as I write this. start getting ready for next year! HELL YA MOTHERS!!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • @AlongZiny
    This was amazing! This needs to be a yearly deal. So much comedy gold! I almost passed out when Cleetus showed Madi's mom that the door opened on the crown vic
  • @NorwayVFX
    ''Some people call it cheating, some people call it my husband owns the racetrack''
  • @XGamesJ6
    I'm so glad all of this exists. No way in hell you'd see a Mom Prix on mother's day watching the Speed channel
  • @say1033
    I was in tears laughing so hard. George "i don't want to say we're better drivers". Girls immediately follow pace truck off the track. 😂😂😂
  • The Mitchell Moms Straight-Up, Ran A “ShakeN’Bake” On The Field… With Sr., 200%… Giving It Up And Running Block For Her Grandchildren’s Momma…!! Maddie…NEVER DOUBT, Momma CLEETER Has Your Back…!! ** That’s Some Positive Family Affirmation Right There, BROTHER!!
  • @sdray7569
    Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed watching that. Cleetus and George should be announcers more often. Great job to all the moms!
  • I DEFINITELY think this needs to be an annual event. It was so good. Imagine how good it'll be with actual time to plan stuff. Congrats Maddie!!
  • @Foshogi
    i have never laughed so hard while on the edge of my seat watching a bunch of mom's race. i think you just unlocked a whole new field of racing entertainment lol!!!!!!
  • @pkuudsk9927
    Your Mom can drive the wheels off a car , she was the only one using the apron. Maddy went full track to win in the end. Dude you have to be one thankful guy. Love all around you . GO MAN GO.
  • You need to do the dad prix but have tasks to complete after certain laps, change a tire, mow some grass, take the bins out, maybe an oil change?, have some child seats in the back with dolls in and you have to keep them safe. Could be a good funny race with all your dad friends 😂😂
  • Cleet and squirrel are the quintessential 80’s dad’s. Where are my kids? Ah i don’t know, somewhere they’ll watch eachother.
  • @asylumental
    This was super entertaining and wholesome, i really enjoyed this whole event. All the jokes, the light heartedness, cleetus and squirrel as announcers, the dad interviews, the diaper change contest, the ladies comradery with eachother.. just all around super entertaining to watch
  • @draco2756
    Getting the dads to do diaper changes as the moms qualifying position is actually funny asf 😂😂😂😂 had me crying 😂