The Casting of Frank Stone | Gameplay Trailer

Published 2024-05-14

The storytelling prowess of Supermassive Games meets the Dead by Daylight universe in a haunting horror game that won’t soon be forgotten.

In the summer of 1980, four friends set out to make their mark on horror cinema. What they capture will trigger the unthinkable. Decide their fate, develop their relationships, and guide their shoot of Murder Mill, a soon-to-be cult classic with an insidious influence... 

In The Casting of Frank Stone, a dark branching narrative lies before you. Your decisions pen the script – the only thing standing between life and death for a group of young filmmakers. Change reality with your choices, unlock new paths with your actions, and discover what horrors your final cut may hold.  

In a story where every move matters, actions can speak louder than words. Explore a cinematic nightmare, testing your wits as you solve environmental puzzles and react to Quick Time Events. Guide your cast of characters through eerie locations and search for clues that hide the bigger picture.  


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  • @demonman905
    Oh so THAT'S why is called the "Casting" of Frank Stone: They're making a movie, and Frank is being cast for a role.
  • @soundwave4236
    Anyone else noticed The Entity is actually getting involved?
  • 0:01 The pharmacy is called 'Afterpiece Tonic' in reference to The Clowns ability.
  • @VvodkaWavves
    Love the double entendre in the title. Casting could refer to the fact the survivors are making a movie but also could be a reference to the phrase "he who is without sin, let him be the first to cast a stone" with Frank's name. Im hella hype for this game 🙏🏻
  • @cbwe3cbs
    DBD: "Gameplay Trailer" Me: watches a cinematic trailer
  • @Cryptking_3
    This could be Supermassive's best game yet, if they can pull it off right
  • @edandrew6314
    Moral of the is story if you want to make a movie please don't shoot at a abandoned creepy, places where murder happens, suspicious place so you can live and not stuck in a realm or getting mur##$@$ in horrible ways.
  • 0:40 Reminds me of a survivor I played against yesterday that was named "Weskers used Condamn" and just hearing that word made me chuckle
  • @edwardtdm123
    1:36 I was honestly not expecting to see The Huntress's bunny mask here.
  • @qimao
    The background track is a rendition of the music you hear when you're downed / dying 👀✨
  • Nice of them to give us a pretty shot of the entity at 1:37. A bit hard to catch but it's there.
  • @Steveo_j8
    Thank god, I've been waiting for SO LONG for this trailer. I'm glad they're finally doing 4 instead of 5 characters. Every game they released it always felt like there was just 1-2 characters who were just irrelevant to the main plot.
  • @ecogoths6668
    begging for more horror stories based on dbd lore. really need a full playable story for the dredge
  • This kind of spin off could be more popular than the regular game. DBD has amazing talent behind the characters and lore. I stopped playing because the gameplay got repetitive and too meta. But this is something my family would enjoy.
  • It seems like rhe entity will either try to kill the film crew using frank stone or it could use their murder mill film to try and attack the real world.