I FINALLY Sold My Mansion... Moving Out of California FOREVER.

Published 2022-10-02

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  • Eliza
    I don't think people understand that not only is this man growing, but he has also done so much for our small little town! Thank you for supporting our local businesses here in Casper, WY and for being a great resident here in our town! I'm hoping everyone here in Casper can give you the space you need to feel happy and healthy.
  • Xavier
    Even seeing you in a more natural state tells me you’re more comfortable with where you are in life at the moment. Getting out of LA and finding true happiness outside of materialistic things is what ever one eventually needs.
  • Chrisseh
    I am sincerely happy for the changes he's made in his life and put his mental and physical health first in priority. This really has helped him to be a lot happier and healthier. LA is fine to visit but, I think it's a really toxic environment to live in when you're "known". Him moving to Wyoming is great. He's away from all the toxicity of LA, staying away from the drama and all the painful memories, too. To see him eating healthier (he used to just eat FROSTING and sugary stuff as meals!), not always wearing the makeup and wigs, but just existing on the ranch. The fact he is selling a lot of the material items too and that he said "I just don't care about it anymore". The ranch really changed him for the better. I LOVE his Wyoming content so much. And honestly it makes me really want to visit a ranch myself haha. It makes me wanna take a trip and stay on a ranch, get some fresh air and clear my head.
  • So glad to see you and Maddie together again. Jeffree really needs someone who’s real to him and i think she is. You can see clearly the positive effect she has on him. 🥰
  • Jordan Cummings
    The moment Jeffree closed the vault, my eyes filled with tears. Not of sadness, but of a sense of growth. I've watched the videos, followed the career, cried along when things were tough, laughed a lot, and beamed when things started going well. A full circle type growth has occurred within Jeffree, and I could not be more proud of the person you are becoming!
  • Nathalie Blais
    I went into a LV store yesterday. I wanted to buy myself a little something but couldn’t rationalize that and I was sad. You having a hanger from target in one hand a a hanger from LV in the other made me realize they serve the same purpose and having something from LV won’t make me happier. Good for you for the progress you’ve made in life Jeffree may you inspire many young ones!
  • Brook Pittman
    Can we all agree this is the HEALTHIEST Jeffree has looked? He is absolutely glowing and looks better than ever! I’m working hard to achieve that level of peace he’s at right now because it looks wonderful. ♥️ Xoxo
  • It's a beautiful moment when you realize "things" will never make you feel fulfilled in life. We buy them because of what we think it says to the world about who we are. But once we know who we truly are, we realize that inner peace is more valuable than possessions. Congrats Jeffree on your beautiful journey!
  • Carol
    I love seeing Jeffree moving on to a new chapter in his life. You can notice how he's less stressed and more humble. Loving the new content from Wyoming. Can't wait to see more
  • Andreea Marcu
    I absolutely admire this human. He does a lot of things that I don’t align with but people need to stop expecting themselves from others. I love his growth and it reminds me of my own journey. Sure, we are different from an economical point of view, but on a human level I can relate to him. I wish him nothing but happiness and health so he can enjoy the fruits of his labour. 😺
  • Carlos Fuentes
    I just love that Maddie came back, that Chris came back, that you have a solid team of friends to move on to the next chapter.
  • Elizabeth Clark
    To see Jeffree mentally grow out of the mansion is incredible. Love you Jeffree!! ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜
  • Kristina Mooney
    It’s hard not to be proud of your growth! I’ve always seen through the drama to the trauma that made you react. I’ve adored you since MySpace and have wished you nothing but true happiness every since! Your more authentic then your given credit for!
  • Shelby Durfee
    So proud of you Jeffree!!! Moving on is hard but you seem so much happier in Wyoming! This chapter has ended. On to new and better things!❤️
  • devil3sixi yeah
    She really likes him, kinda like a brother. That's so heart warming to watch. I love you Jeffree 🖤
  • nareeta hassan
    Ive been following you for years, and it feels like ive grown with you, you leaving this house and moving into the next chapter of your life makes me feel like im ready for change.
  • Mihaella A.
    Literally such a grown, mature and genuinely happy person! I love seeing Jeffree like this! He absolutely deserves it!
  • Zaddy Holmes
    I’m so happy for you to be thriving Jeffree. No one is perfect and I’m sure you still have growth to come as we all do. But you’ve really overcome so much and continue to do You and live life your way. It’s inspiring as fuck honestly. Enjoy this new chapter xx
  • Olivia_Addams
    I missed maddie… so happy to see her. I love u guys a lot 🤍 stay healthy